Bride Fired Maid Of Honor After She Revealed She’s Pregnant

It seems the maid of honor’s revelation was too much for one bride to overlook as it caused her to be fired from her role in the wedding party.

However, she received lots of backlash from the other bridesmaids over her decision so she posted on Reddit’s “r/AmITheA–hole” (AITA) thread to ask people for their input.

The bride fired the maid of honor because she was pregnant.

In the post, the bride explained how she found out that her maid of honor—who is also her best friend—was 6 months pregnant. The bride was having a meeting with her bridesmaids to discuss wedding details.

Her maid of honor didn’t make any announcement at the meeting, however, one of the bridesmaids was teasing her as she was eating a lot.

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She wrote, “Later during the gathering, the same bridesmaid teased her and [said] ‘how amazing your food baby seems real’ while rubbing my best friend’s belly and only to [realize] that [it’s] an actual baby bump.”

Everyone congratulated the maid of honor, however, the bride grew tense as she felt that her best friend would steal her thunder during the wedding.

After the meeting, the bride called her best friend and expressed how upset she was with the pregnancy news.


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